Hey! I'm Tim.

I am a web developer that specializes in website solutions and online marketing strategies.

I am glad you have found me here becuase I think it means we have a lot in common. If I am correct you are an entrepreneur or you have the entrepreneurial spirit and maybe haven't taken the leap yet. You being here also means that you understand the power and importance of your online presence, and what it means to the success of your buisness. If these things aren't true, spending time around here will change that.

Look, I am a small business owner just like you, I get it. We both know how hard it can be to market ourselves online. We both share in the struggles of starting and growing a new business.

We need to find the people we are trying to attract and get those people introduced to us, our products and/or services. Once we figure out the best ways to attract these people we need to do those things again and again.

What we really need is systems in place to make the attraction of visitors and the conversion of those visitors into clients/customers as easy and effective as possible. I specialize in creating these types of systems that work for every type of website owner. Keep reading to learn more about how I got here, where I'm going and most importantly where I can take you and your business.


Why Me?

I’m a business owner, web developer, and internet marketer that lives and breathes small business online.

From the earliest age of the internet I have been fascinated with everything about websites, making money online and entrepreneurship. I did everything from teaching myself how to write code, buying every book and course I could find related to the subject, to investing in all types of small businesses. These years of learning have taught me a great deal but has also cost me a lot of time and money.

One thing that this journey has taught me is that owning and managing a business is exciting and fun! Being the owner means wearing many hats and having full control over the size and success of your venture. For me this was much more appealing than working for a big company helping make the owner(s) dreams come true.

Being the owner means no one can put a limit on who you are, your potential, and most importantly how much you earn. From the time I left the Army and understood this, it has been a major influence on me, and it still is to this day.

This journey is what shaped the way I see the world and how I see myself as it relates to business. The idea that I could find things that I loved to do, be my own boss, and decide on my own earning potential sealed it for me.

My Small Business Journey


My start online - Travel/City Blog
My first taste of success online came back in 2008 in the form of a city guide site I did while living in Atlanta (visitATL.com). I built the site from the ground up, writing 100% of the code line by line. At this point I had built several websites, but this is the first time a website was making real money. This was before the big social media giants like Facebook and Twitter became what they are today, so marketing was ALL about Google. Even though building and growing VisitATL.com today would be a lot different from what it was then, the core principles that made it successful still hold true. It's hard to describe the feeling you have the first time a check arrives from your online business. If you know the feeling you can relate and if you don’t I sincerely hope that one day you do.

Taking things offline - Logistics Company
My second business was a more traditional small business instead of one based online. A business partner and I started a logistics company (JIT Logistics). Logistics is a field I gained special knowledge around during my service in the US Army. As the companies COO I was in charge of all things operational on the business side, while my partner was in charge of sales and marketing. We had several successful years and managed to win a few very large customers as clients. The company grew as did the differences in opinion in personnel and other aspects of the business, so in 2011 my partner and I decided to part ways by selling him my ownership in the company.

Mixing business with pleasure - Music production / DJ
Given the success of my previous business, I had the means (and the time) to start learning everything I could about music production. Music has always been something that I was passionate about and my learning led me into a career in DJ’ing. I spent a 5+ years DJ’ing all over Atlanta from bars and clubs to corporate events and weddings. Those were some of the best times of my life and I still occasionally DJ to this day.

MY passion and current business - TNR Web Solutions
As a web developer my real passion is in writing code that makes a website work, so I decided to turn that passion into a business. In April 2015 I started building websites and providing other online solutions for individuals and small businesses. Here is where I have found myself these past few years. Helping bloggers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs develop an online presence that helps build awareness, gets more visibility, and ultimately increases their customer base.

My aim is to help people who need help with….

Building or managing their website...

Finding the right approach to taking your idea online….

Turning your passion into a blog and your blog into something that is adding value to your life….

Knowing how to increase the traffic to your website….

Marketing your business online to drive results and grow your business…

I can help you build a website that brings real value to your life