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Project Brief

Final Notice contracted TNRWebs to provide them a new home online for their blowing tournament group. The site needed to include a tool to help streamline the manual offline tournament management process. LinebackerDad wesite results

Website Design & Development

The main driving factor behind the website was the tournament management application in the backend of the site. Because of that, the design was kept simple to allow Tim to do the design and development.

Custom Web Application

Design and developed a 100% custom web application to bring their tournament management online. The application included member profiles, member registration, tournament manager, uniform manager, and more!

WordPress (CMS)

Even though Final Notice did not plan to use their site as a traditional blog, the tools and features inside WordPress made it a good choice to support the custom application.

Final Notice 899

Final Notice 899 is a bowling tournament group based in Atlanta, GA.

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Services Provided

Website Design & Development
Wordpress (CMS)
Custom Web Application