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Project Brief

First Javelin Group contacted us to build a website to help bring awareness and authority to their firm. First Javelin came with a clear picture of the website they wanted and we helped bring that to life. With a few twist of course! LinebackerDad wesite results

Website Design & Development

Final Notice Group entered the project with a really solid idea for the general look and feel of the website. They had already gotten a professional logo created as well as a solid brand identity. Taking their general idea and their already created branding material, the design of the site was the easy part.

The ease of the design doesn't speak to the complexity of the design from a development standpoint. One of the requests of the customer from the beginning was to have lots of movement on the site. This coupled with a few custom-built functions like their bio sections made for a unique and challenging development phase for the site.


When it comes to launching a new website I have found that many of my clients overlook the task of content creation. We were able to help the First Javelin team in creating not only the content needed for the launch of their site but also content that will be utilized in the future. We will remain onboard with First Javelin group to ensure the success and growth of their new website.

First Javelin Group, LLC

First Javelin Group offers a full suite of services directly to consumers and industry based in Atlanta, GA.

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Website Design & Development